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Me on Mono-diet (2)

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Me on Mono-diet (2)

For one week I was able to keep my daily routine, the same work schedule, yoga practice & eating moments. Expecting the diet to bring peace in my life. Simple, you don’t have to think about what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sounds perfect, right?! Some clarity and relaxation. That’s exactly what I wanted. Bring it on!

The fact is: the more Kitchery dishes I had, the more stressful I felt! Cooking the Kitchery takes a lot of time and effort (I don’t have a freezer, which means I had to cook fresh kitchery at least every second day), bringing you’re own food everywhere you go, or going home to cook and eat after yoga classes, having less energy and not able to get some ‘sweet’ distractions from the restless emotions in my stomach. No relaxation at all!

All right, why am I doing this mono-diet again? Are these proportions of Kitchery really healthy for me? I have less energy and I am losing weight – I don’t want this. All these doubtful thoughts… I don’t know… If I would be able to eat normally my life would be much easier!

Ok.., just “Keep up (and you’ll be kept up, right..?)

A moment of realization came during Sadhana, early, early morning on Wednesday. My relationship with Mono was definitely showing some difficulties. I had created a strong tension against the Kitchery diet, that’s for sure. All activities on my to-do list had to be finished. And now, eating and cooking became an extra activity on that list! The diet was intruding my lifestyle.

Priorities had to be set. I reached the end of my comfort zone as I had less energy and more work! I was asking for more relaxation and clarity, not for more stress. Then, during Sadhana I realized that Mono was introduced through my own enthusiasm and curiosity – supported by a strong feeling and guidance from my own heart, when I started the diet. Until now, it was only interrupting my action-based ideas and thoughts, as I couldn’t do the things that I had told myself to do anymore. This was causing stress.

Another point of view gave me the feeling of relaxation and clarity. A viewpoint completely based on trust – I trusted the decisions that I made as it was rooted in my heart. Tried to except the consequences that followed. Which in some cases was scary, when it is asking me to change, this time I felt is was serving me. Even though I didn’t know how..? Just a feeling of trust.

The moment that I had chosen for a partnership with Mono, my experience changed. It was not the Kitchery that caused the trouble, but my to do list that was just too much! Supported with this insight, I was be able to scrap a few things from the list that didn’t have have any priority to me at the moment. This gave me time for cooking and time for relaxation. My mind became clearer, I felt more stability in my actions and my energy level increased again. Interesting enough, the Kitchery became a steady Anker point during the day.

Although I was experiencing the benefits of it now, I wasn’t planning to finish the complete 40 days of Kitchery. It gave me beautiful insights, but it also isolated me somehow from my daily flow of live. Withdrawing myself for a moment was inspiring and powerful, but after 21 days I decided to stop. I made the experience, and like to integrate it now, no more isolation.

That night I had the most delicious Pizza ever!

Do you feel like doing the Mono-Kitchery-diet yourself? Here’s my suggestion to you: prepare yourself with the Dynamic Digestion Training to strengthen your Digestive System and your knowledge about it first and then start with a 10 days mono-diet. Believe me, 10 days is enough to have tremendous effects. And if you feel like, continue for another 10 days or if you really like to cleanse and re-adjust your life, continue for 40 days!