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Gardening in the city!

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Gardening in the city!

Yoga gardening in Amsterdam! Together with a few partners we are preparing a field to grow vegetables to support ‘de Voedselbank’ near the Westerpark and for ourselves.

Instead off doing steady postures and dynamic meditations, we become skilled in working the fields and growing vegetables in the City. Only a few hours a week is enough to clear the mind, recharge our natural batteries, learn a lot about urban farming & perma culture and grow our consciousness about Food.

Next to that, it’s a great way to do SEVA (Selfless Service/ Karma Yoga). Hopefully, our garden will provide ingredients for our Yoga Dine evenings that we can use in, where we share ancient knowledge about food and the effects on our health. Also, a large amount of the vegetables we grow will provide de Voedselbank, a group of people that can’t effort and provide enough food for their living. Together we work the garden and share our experiences to inspire, uplift and encourage each other. We build a community and share.

Let us know if you like to join us, or just show you up!