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Me on Mono-diet (1)

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Me on Mono-diet (1)

It’s the 5th day, another 35 to go! With a strong curiosity I commited myself to the Kitchery Mono-diet for 40 days. Wahey!

Fasting is a very powerful tool for healing and strengthening the body; and is more than just the absence of food. A way to easily detoxify your system and use food as medicine is to follow a so-called monodiet. In a mono-diet, you eat only one food or food combinations for a specific purpose for a specified time.

As with any tool, it’s important to know the proper use of fasting before starting it. Preparing for a fast begins with modifying your diet. Eliminate junk foods or nonfoods, and begin eating lighter meals composed mostly of vegetables or fruits. Since I started with Kundalini Yoga my diet changed naturally. The transformational effect of this technology is tremendous.

If you like to change your eating habits, having a inregular digestion or like to prepare yourself for a fast? I invite you to experience the effect of the Kundalini Yoga Training for digestion: ‘Dynamic Digestion’. I created this training to guide and excel your change in a natural way.

The training helps you to go slowly and steadily as you work out consciously and make dietry changes naturally. This generates a change from within and not with the forceful power of the mind/ego. Especially if you’ve been eating junk food for a long time, or in other ways abused your body, don’t expect to entirerly cleanse your system overnight. You will see gradual improvements, take your time.

After 4 days of Kitchery I experience that the physical cleansing of a fast is accompanied by a mental cleansing as well. Haha, don’t be surprised to find out that sticking to this diet is only half the challenge. The discipline of the fast can bring out anger and negativity. If eating is used to quell emotional appetites, then a fast like this may uncover these unfulfilled needs as well.

Kundalini Yoga helps me to deal with this process of inner cleansing. It shows me how to stand back and let the process happen, as an observer. I am experiencing how every negative thought has a positive thought as its hidden twin. Simply watching a negative thought may cause its positive twin to appear. Then, by substituting the positive thought for the negative, you can change your consciousness from minus to plus.

Off course this seems easier than it is. However, just like anything else in life that’s worth doing, detoxifying your system may take a bit of time, practise, and effort. But that’s all right. I know that the process and journey are as important as the final destination and I am not going to stress over it. As I am only limited by my own imagination, which is boundless, and my desire and motivation to be healthy, strong, relaxed, and happy.

After 5 days I feel mentally clearer, and more peaceful from within. Seems like I have to get used to that hungry feeling and the idea that I have a shortage of energy. But maybe that’s just an idea?

Be continued.. Me on Mono-diet (2)