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Indigestion & Yoga

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Indigestion & Yoga

Stress and bad eating habits play a large role in the current world today. Digestive upsets at the individual level result in the inability to live active, satisfying and fully.

Bad digestion seems like such a small and simple disorder in our complicated lives that we tend to neglect it. As a result it becomes chronic and eventually taps our strength and vitality. We often feel a loss of energy, but do not realize the link with indigestion. As long as we refuse to acknowledge and repair our faulty digestion, we are letting our vital reserves leak away. Without a good reserve, any slight imbalance or stress can bring us into a disease state.

The interplay of our emotional and physical states that lead to indigestion has been thoroughly investigated. Yoga is now internationally recognized as a powerful means to balance both bodily systems and the restless mind which lead to digestive upset. Instead of using chemical substances which tap our strength, willpower and ability to control inner body processes, yoga offers a way to tackle the problems of the mind that lead to a digestive upset and external chaos.

The digestive system running down the centre of the body seems to be the key to good health, in terms of its physical relation to many organs and its powerful link with the mind. A deeper understanding of the structure and function of our digestive tract and how it is affected by our diet and lifestyle can develop a positive approach towards food and eating in all its aspects.

Practising yoga will automatically lead to increased awareness of the digestive process and control over what is ingested. If your life becomes more natural and simple, the body and mind are harmonized and indigestion devolves.